About Wicket Candles

Wicket Candles was born out of a dream of evoking memories from scents. With it, started a home-run business of hand-poured artisanal soy wax scented candles in Malaysia.


We hope that by bringing our range of scented soywax candles to you, we will create and recreate memories close to you.


We offer a variety of floral, fruity, and Malaysian scents along with other soy wax products. Let our fragrances bring you closer to home!

Candles are soooo lit am I right? 


Discover our products

You like candles ? Good.

Affordable luxury

Premium, organic soywax candles at affordable prices.

Memorable scents

Mix of both classic and uniquely Malaysian scents that can set your mood for any occasion.

Customer centricity

We listen to our consumers’ feedback on products, scents and ideas, always striving to improve!

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